UPCOMING EVENT - Sound-the essence of Cosmos

Science says that the Universe started with The Big Bang and science is not too far away from the truth. Our ancient sages, seers and monks have identified 'AUM' as the primordial sound of creation. Thus, the Sound that can Create is also the Sound that can Heal.

Dr. Sujata Singhi an Author, Educationist, International Spiritual Motivational Speaker, International Master Sound Bowl Therapist and Trainer, will share these ancient secrets which she has acquired from the Master Lama-Gurus belonging to the aboriginal Newari tribe of Tibet and now dwelling in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

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CONCLUDED EVENT - Lunch for Retired Members - Fariyas - Saturday, 26th May, 2018

CONCLUDED EVENT - Boss Secretary Lunch, 2018 - Vivanta by Taj President

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